About Us

We are an international construction worker’s union that brings together those in the construction industry from around the world. We help our members find work, improve their skills and education, and communicate with each other to result in more effective building processes. Our union brings together a very diverse group of construction workers, ranging from industrial and commercial site workers to those who work on home remodeling and residential construction. We have offices throughout North America and Europe, in major cities such as Vancouver, New York, London, St. Louis, and more.

Our union helps international construction workers find successful jobs and protects their rights. We ensure that construction workers are protected by negotiating with local unions and employers to make sure they have safe working conditions. We also help unemployed construction workers find jobs in their area through our networking platform, and we help construction firms and sub-contractors reach out to clients and grow their business.

Our site has many different features to promote success in the construction industry. We have a messaging feature and discussion board that allows our union members to connect with each other, either in group threads or in a private message. We also allow our construction members to network with potential customers by listing their services in our directory. Clients then have the option to message professionals that they are interested in working with. Finally, we have a catalog of articles focusing on construction for both professionals and clients. We cover news and trends in the industry, as well as helpful factual articles for construction clients.

To keep up with our work, please follow us on social media. We post daily updates, news, and pictures, and we want you to get involved in the conversation too! We love reaching out to our members and boosting the construction industry overall.