What We Can Do

We offer a variety of services for construction workers who are members of our international union. We also offer services for potential clients who are looking for professional construction work. Here is a brief overview of what we provide to our clients. If you work in the construction industry and need a service that is not listed here, please contact us to learn more.

Networking Services

We provide two types of networking services to our members. We help our individual members find new jobs in the construction industry in their area. We do this by connecting them to other professionals via direct message, as well as sending them current job openings. This is a good way to keep construction professionals employed while also helping contractors find jobs.

The second networking service we provide helps contractors find clients. Having a strong client base is very important for the success of a business, and it can be difficult to get your name out. Verified construction services can list their offerings in our directory, and then potential clients can search by area and type of service to find a trusted professional to get the job done.

Construction Professional Rights

We also aim to protect the rights of construction workers around the world. We do this in a few different ways. We first require member contractors to pay their workers a fair wage based on their location and the cost of living there. We also require them to offer workers fair hours and breaks, as well as compensation for any injuries that happen on the job. Additionally, we provide legal assistance through associated firms around the world for any construction workers who have experienced unfair treatment while at work.

Education and Training

We think it’s important for those in the construction industry to continue expanding their knowledge base throughout their careers. We help construction workers find training programs in relevant fields that can help them expand their opportunities within the industry. We also have a range of content on our site aimed at keeping our member base informed and up to date with the latest technology and best practices in the construction industry.

We’re proud to support all types of construction professionals throughout their careers. We are continually expanding our services to new cities, and we take your feedback into account. We hope to have you as a part of our union.